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Johannes Zukertort's immortal game - Chess Poster

Johannes Zukertort's immortal game - Chess Poster

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Zukertort's immortal game against Blackburne, as he initiates a winning attack against the bare king on h8. Zukertort made the unpredictable move in Qb4!!, which claims analysis. If Black takes the queen by Qxb4??, Bxe5+ forces the black king to take the pawn on h7, then Rh3+ prepares the checkmate just in a few moves. Blackburne probably looked at this variation, thus, instead of accepting the sacrifice, he moved R8c5, trying to neutralize White's queen without giving up the defense of the e-pawn. However, White has one more immortal move, Rf8+! If the queen takes the rook, Bxe5+ makes the king take to h-pawn, but now the queen can join the fight immidiately with Qxe4+, which accelerates the checkmate pattern. Any other trials from Black lead to the same end of deadly checks from e5 and e4 squares, constraining Black's king into endless misery.

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  • High quality 200 gsm/ 80 lb paper weight making the poster durable and long-lasting.
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