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Hikaru Nakamura's best attack - Chess Poster

Hikaru Nakamura's best attack - Chess Poster

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This poster displays an outstanding attacking idea by Hikaru with the black pieces, that helped him win his game against Boris Gelfand. 

The idea behind this outstanding move is Qd3!! is that it aims to deflect the light square bishop, the most important defending piece of the white position, as it's the only piece preventing Black from checkmating on g2 with the bishop.

The other idea is Qxf3 and as there is no way for white to defend against both threats, Gelfand had no choice but to resign.

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  • High quality 200 gsm/ 80 lb paper weight making the poster durable and long-lasting.
  • Framed and single print options
  • Black wooden frame
  • Framed version is fully assembled, with metal hangers (M, L, XL), or support (S) on the back


  • S: 21X29.7cm / 8X12"
  • M: 30X40cm / 12X16"
  • L: 40X50cm / 16X20"
  • XL: 50X70cm / 20X28"
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