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Levon Aronian transforming the position to his advantage - Chess Poster

Levon Aronian transforming the position to his advantage - Chess Poster

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A very unique idea by Aronian, that transforms an enemy piece into a pawn. Even Black's bishop has a stable position, this well-placed piece becomes the prisoner of the friendly pawns, not even able to stop the enemy b-pawn to run through the whole board and promote itself into the key tool to win the game. Even the white king is not protected, it has a completely safe position, as the black queen is not able to leave the g7 square, where the white pieces maintain a permanent checkmate threat. In this case, no one can stop the b-pawn after b4! - if Black plays en passant, everything is the same after the blocking move Fb2.

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  • High quality 200 gsm/ 80 lb paper weight making the poster durable and long-lasting.
  • Framed and single print options
  • Black wooden frame
  • Framed version is fully assembled, with metal hangers (M, L, XL), or support (S) on the back


  • S: 21X29.7cm / 8X12"
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  • XL: 50X70cm / 20X28"
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